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Top 5 Reads of January 2023

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We are kicking off 2023 strong with January’s top reads! The new year’s resolutions that you have set are said to set the tone for the rest of your year. However, have you ever wondered where new year's resolutions stem from?

The ancient Babylonians are the first recorded civilization to celebrate new year’s, although their new year fell mid-march after their crops were planted. It is said that they were the first people to make new year’s resolutions. This tradition was then modernized into the new years we know today. During the reign of Julius Caesar, Ancient Romans celebrated and recognized the New Year to be on January 1st. Ancient Romans selected this date in honor of the Greek God Janus, who they believed symbolically looked back into the previous year and ahead into the future. To celebrate the New Year, the Romans committed to good deeds for the coming year.

If reading often was one of your resolutions, this run-down of top reads may inspire your new discoveries. To give you an idea of all the topics you can dive into on Zendy, we’ll be exploring why healthcare professionals should be more involved in combatting false beliefs on the internet and how WhatsApp can be used as a learning tool to pick up a new language, we also peek at color associated emotional and behavioral responses. We also discuss severe depression in late life and how to tackle it, and finally, the impact that sustainable labeling has on consumer behavior.

The role healthcare professionals play outside of medical settings

This journal article explores the thin line between freedom of speech and the spread of misinformation on the internet. In this technological age, information is always a click away. We’ve all received threads on certain weight-loss tips and steps we should be taking to improve our health. We tend to forget that many of these tips, experiences, and personal views are not regulated or accurate information. This article argues that the threat of misinformation lies beyond clinical settings, and therefore so do the obligations of healthcare professionals. This piece also highlights the types of speech the government can regulate and how healthcare discourse can potentially be governed and monitored without dabbling in the First Amendment rights.

Read more: Why Healthcare Professionals Should Speak Out Against False Beliefs on the Internet

Exploring WhatsApp as a learning tool

This journal article discusses how WhatsApp can be used as an educational tool. This is interesting because WhatsApp’s features align well with the online tools one would need to grasp a new language. The study is aimed at English foreign language learners to significantly improve their conversational English using WhatsApp’s convenient features such as videos, voice notes, texting, and even the use of emojis. However, since this is a classroom setting, certain rules would need to be applied to using social media as a means of education.

Read more: WhatsApp and its Use to Improve Student’s Pronunciation

The psychology behind colors

We come across a plethora of colors every day. Colors hold much more biological and psychological significance than we might think. According to this journal article, colors can trigger psychological, physical, biological, and metabolic reactions within humans. It explores whether the way we react to colors is a learned response or an innate one. Honoring psychology’s well-known nature vs. nurture debate, this article highlights the significance of each color and how literature supports and proves the emotions and feelings each color can invoke in human beings. It also carefully studies the effect of culture and religion and how those factors affect how an individual perceives certain colors.

Read more: Color-associated emotional and behavioral responses: A study on the associations emerged via imagination

Severe depression in late life

This unique case study explores the severe depression that elderly people face. We follow Mrs. B’s journey into her medical and psychological treatments and dissect how clinicians should play a more active role in scanning depression in older adults. This study proved that signs of inactivity and feeling neglected should not be dismissed as the effects of aging but rather should be perceived as symptoms of depression. The depression that older adults face can be tackled through treatments such as psychotherapy, behavioral activation, and electroconvulsive therapy. While the elderly become more dependent, this study proves that therapy can, once again, have them thriving independently.

Read more: Older Adults with Severe, Treatment-Resistant Depression: “I got my mother back.”

How sustainable labeling affects consumer behavior

As consumers become more aware of the products and transparency becomes the best marketing tool, this journal article discusses the impact green labeling has on consumer behavior. The researchers discuss how sustainable labeling may work for some products as consumers assign different levels of importance to them. For example, green labeling on dairy products might not grab consumer attention as the environmental issue comes from the very consumption of dairy. The article explores the variables that drive a consumer to attempt to shift to sustainable buying habits and willingly pay more to support these practices. Conscious consumers want to see how brands adapt their products and re-position themselves to be environmental-friendly.

Read more: Hey, did you see that label? It’s Sustainable!: Understanding the role of sustainable labeling in shaping sustainable purchase behavior for sustainable development

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See the Top Reads of October 2023

calendarNov 7, 2023 |clock6 Mins Read

Welcome to Zendy’s top read highlights — the top five research papers of the month. In the evolving landscape of academic scholarship, we bring you a selection of noteworthy contributions to research. From the depths of science and humanities to the forefront of technology and law, these papers exemplify academic excellence.  Law of the Sea and Democracy This journal article discusses how the laws that govern oceans are democratic however they are not directly related to democracy. The paper goes on to emphasize the complex framework of sea law recognizing that most democratic countries abide by it and how it has presented conflict in sea usage which escalates issues in international law. It also touches on how certain nations are divided on various sea matters such as coastal countries versus those that rely on open sea or developing versus developed countries. Read more here: Law of the Sea and Democracy Graphic Design and Button Placement This journal article is an analysis of user preferences regarding button placements on map applications, the study focuses on 6 map applications and analysed them based on the graphic diversity of buttons. The research concluded that to achieve effective map application design, the process needs to start considering the smallest possible device the application would be used on. Read more here: Graphic Design and Button Placement for Mobile Map Applications Flipped Micro-modules for Teaching Sustainable Engineering Practices This journal article explores a teaching method known as “flipped micro-module pedagogy” wherein students utlise AR and VR technology to engage in immersive learning, use social media platforms to disseminate course materials, and the method encourages project-basec learning where students apply their learnings to real-world issues. The goal of the study is to assess whether engineering students find this approach effective compared to their existing curriculum. Read more here: Flipped Micro-Modules for Teaching Sustainable Engineering Practices Evaluation of Carbon Farming Strategies This journal article places emphasis on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in organic vegetable growth. It proposes carbon farming as an alternative because the method improves soil health, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and supports biodiversity, however, the how effective carbon farming is, is unclear. The study also highlights the importance of measuring and estimating changes in soil carbon stock and potential environmental and economic impact on farmers. The findings suggest that carbon farming can be beneficial in various aspects however further research is required to optimise implementation. Read more here: The Evaluation of Carbon Farming Strategies in Organic Vegetable Cultivation The Science of Judicial Psychology This paper claims that crime in Romania has seen an increase due to severe economic and social challenges and the crisis of authority within institutions, emphasising that in this context crime is driven by needs, tendencies, motives and goals. The article goes on to dissect the complexity of criminal behaviour while highlighting all relevant motivators and factors that lead to a crime being committed. Read more here: The Science of Judicial Psychology Discover millions of e-books, journal articles, proceedings and more on Zendy now.

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See the Top Reads of September 2023

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In a world of boundless knowledge, we remain steadfast in our commitment to be your guide through scholarly research. This past month we witnessed a vast collection of exceptional works spanning the disciplines of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Healthcare, Education, and Sustainability. Whether you are a dedicated scholar, an inquisitive student, or an inquiring mind with a thirst for knowledge, our list of premier reads for the month promises to illuminate your mind. Join us as we showcase the contributions from the academic realm for the month of September. Future Regulation of AI As the current workforce landscape invests significantly in AI, it brings about the concern of how this advanced technology can be regulated. This journal article proposes the role of AI regulators that would ensure contextual responses are generated, risks are mitigated while innovation is supported. The article touches on the UKs AI regulations that are guided on the following principles: safety, security and robustness, transparency, fairness, accountability, and contestability. Furthermore, the paper identifies the legal risks in AI usage like breaches of the Equality Act 2010 and Human Rights Act 1998 as potential bias in algorithmic decision-making can be rooted in autonomy and adaptivity of AI. Read more: Future Regulation of AI and Employment Law Regulations Towards Sustainable Fashion Consumption This journal article explores consumer behavior in a developing country. Set in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, the study aims to determine whether consumer behavior is a significant factor in promoting sustainable fashion. The results were derived using qualitative thematic analysis of 16 semi-structured interviews and found that there are critical barriers to adopting sustainable fashion practices in the region due to factors like over-shopping and the general analysis of quality, price and design. Read more: Towards Sustainable Fashion Consumption: Exploratory Study of Consumer Behavior in a Developing Country Recent Advances in Breast Cancer Research Breast cancer affects 1 in 3 women. This special issue highlights 12 research articles that cover cell biology, animal and human studies in the field of breast cancer. Several of these papers focused on potential biomarkers that can predict disease progression or therapeutic response, a few others highlighted tumor microenvironment and infiltration of immune cells and other human studies covered the usage of modern biotechnology to combat breast cancer. Read more: Recent Advances in Breast Cancer Research The Fine Art of School Engagement This journal article highlights the importance of art in education. The author states that art instills a foundation of human expression, provides ways of learning and exposes an individual to different perspectives; they also describe an education without arts is insufficient. The article studies the positioning of arts throughout school years and finds that schools in America have a steady decline in music and art resources, the authors suggest that the very expansion of arts affects learning, behavior and social-emotionla growth while also improving empathy, engagement and discipline. Read more: The Fine Art of School Engagement Introducing Accessible Design to Computer Science Students People with disabilities rely on accessible technology to interact with the world. This study introduces accessible design courses to computer science students to help them design and evelop inclusive applications that align with the needs of people with disabilities. The aim of the study is to increase student knowledge on accessibility in the digital world and analysed student feedback on the course.Read more: Introducing Accessible Design to Students in Computer Science Discover millions of e-books, journal articles, proceedings and more on Zendy now.

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See the Top Reads of August 2023

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In the evolving landscape of academia, scholarly works and intellectual breakthroughs are paramount. This past August, our virtual shelves have been enriched with an array of thought-provoking publications. These carefully selected papers represent academic literature, spanning disciplines and shedding light on research and insights. Whether you're a student, educator, or simply an inquisitive mind, join us on this exploration of the most compelling texts that have graced our research library in the past month. AI in healthcare This paper discusses how artificial intelligence, specifically in nursing, can improve the quality and efficiency of delivering personalised treatment. The research highlights that AI will equip healthcare professionals with top medical research and intelligent analytical technology. The research paper navigates the current foundation of AI in healthcare and the challenges that hinder complete implementation. Read more: Artificial intelligence in healthcare Examination of the relationship between tourism, environment and economy This research paper deeply analyses the correlation between the tourism industry, ecological environment and regional economy in the Shandong province in China. Utilising the coupling coordination evaluation system, the 3 aspects of each city within the region were monitored from 2010-2017. The study concluded that tourism and the economy are highly correlated and that the ecological environment adapts to the changes, indicating that all 3 aspects generally develop in coordination. Read more: Examination and Forecast of Relationship among Tourism, Environment, and Economy: A Case Study in Shandong Province, China Impact of the industrial revolution on food machinery This article proposes that with the rise of food manufacturing and processing machinery, the industry should focus on acquiring skilled engineers to oversee operations. The paper highlights how analytical and scientific equipment in the food industry has impacted various aspects of production. Furthermore, the research provides a comprehensive history of the implementation of technology in the food industry dating back to the 17th century. Read more: Impact of Industrial Revolutions on Food Machinery Music and mathematics in Iranian architecture This paper closely examines the role of music in architecture as the researcher found conceptual and fundamental connections between music and traditional Iranian architecture. By analysing parameters like rhythm, high low, hierarchy, numbers, symbolism, and geometry, the study found compatibility with physics and mathematics. Read more: Music, Architecture and Mathematics in Traditional Iranian Architecture Sustainable practices in the hospitality industry This article assesses how hotels in Poland progress towards SDGs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Researchers conducted a case study on one hotel and surveyed 102 different hotels across Poland, the data was analysed descriptively and interpreted the market situation of hotels in Poland while examining the practices hotels would engage in before and during the pandemic and comparing these to each of the 17 SDGs Read more: Sustainability in the hospitality industry in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic: A case study of the hospitality industry in Poland Discover millions of e-books, journal articles, proceedings and more on Zendy now.