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How human intelligence, consciousness, and cognitive computing affect the development of artificial intelligence

At present, artificial intelligence (AI) can only simulate, extend, and expand low-end human intelligence like human feelings, perceptions, and conventional logical reasoning. In the future, cutting-edge technologies will eventually mean that AI can simulate and replace human imagination, emotion, intuition, and other kinds of personalised intelligence. Will AI surpass man’s biological intelligence in the future? How will AI impact the human workforce?

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Ant colonies maintain social homeostasis in the face of decreased density

Ants’ high degree of social organisation has allowed them to develop collective behaviours with many similarities to human societies. This study explores the relationship between density, spatial organisation and interaction rates when ant colonies are manipulated. How do ant colonies maintain homeostasis in decreased densities? How do they maintain levels of social connection and interaction even when their environment changes drastically?

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Colour associated emotional and behavioural responses: A study on the associations emerged via imagination

It is no secret that colours and emotions are closely linked. Different colours can affect emotions depending largely on a colour’s brightness, shade, tint, or tone – and whether it’s cool or warm. This study reviews literature on the emotional reactions triggered by colour stimuli. What are the psychological factors that cause people to respond differently to various colours? Are emotional responses to colours innate?

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Planets orbiting other stars: the search for extraterrestrial life

Given the recently discovered abundance of habitable exoplanets with the potential for alien life, humans can no longer ignore the possible existence of extra-terrestrial organisms. This study reviews the literature on the discovery of exoplanets and the methods used to study them. Could there be biological activity on any of these planets? What future-generation tools are needed to find proof of this existence?

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