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Taylor and Francis

Using neuroscience techniques to understand and improve design cognition

The process of designing reflects one of the most complex aspects of higher-order human cognition and is widely considered a cornerstone of human creativity. This paper explores the potential of employing current cognitive neuroscience methodologies in the field of design. What is the neurocognitive framework behind design thinking? How can understanding this framework pave the way for developing new techniques for design teams?

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A guide to managing the risks of machine learning

As businesses employ machine learning in an increasing number of offerings and processes, they face all sorts of new risks with this advanced technology. What happens when machine learning leads to investment losses, biased hiring or lending, or car accidents? An article takes a looks at how business executives can manage the existing and emerging risks of machine learning.

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Fixing our global agricultural system to prevent the next

While the world’s attention is focused on controlling COVID-19, this study takes a look at biodiversity crisis as a leading factor in the outbreak of many infectious diseases, including  COVID-19. Agriculture is a major driver of biodiversity loss globally. Feeding a growing human population in ways that minimise harm to biodiversity is thus imperative. What are some ways to safeguard biodiversity to prevent future global pandemics?

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The search for exoplanets similar to Earth

The search for extraterrestrial life forms has given rise to numerous space missions that have enabled researchers to collect data, test different species of extremophiles in space conditions, and find potentially habitable exoplanets for Earth-like organisms. This study introduces the Rock Similarity Index (RSI) and examines two rocky exoplanets which have physical conditions similar to those of Earth or Mars.

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