Research Library

We are breaking barriers to accessibility

Imagine a world where access to published research is no longer limited to those privileged enough to have access through their institutions, and everyone, regardless of their background, can find and discover content they are looking for, hence reducing the inequalities currently affecting our industry. We would like to see scholarly literature being available to all who are seeking to research, gain knowledge, or simply make evidence-based decisions.

About us

In 2019, we established a research library to help individuals read and download research from the world’s leading publishers. Now, we’ve taken the research discovery experience further with a host of AI-powered research tools - including ZAIA, your personal AI assistant for research. Zendy offers a blended discovery experience where you can read and download open access and paywalled research from the world’s leading publishers on one platform. Our affordable access subscription means for less than the price of a single research paper per month, you get unlimited access to academic research. No restrictions.

Our commitment to the future

Together with Knowledge E, we signed the United Nations SDG Publisher’s Compact as a part of our ongoing commitment to make information and knowledge more accessible to a broader audience, including individuals in remote or underserved areas. Through collaboration with our content providers, we support SDG 4 (Quality Education) through disseminating research and SDG 10 (reduced inequalities) by bridging the digital divide and ensuring equitable access via our global platform. Research is the cornerstone of progress, and we’re optimistic that we can create a more equitable future through universal action!

Our commitment to responsible AI

We are committed to equipping Zendy with technology that accelerates accessibility and discoverability.
We are working to utilise Generate AI while understanding the responsibilities in harnessing its power.
As we navigate the pivotal era of paving ethical AI usage, Zendy looks to be a part of the change in the way researchers, students and lifelong learners consume and discover academic research papers.