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Premium Hey, did you see that label? It's sustainable!: Understanding the role of sustainable labelling in shaping sustainable purchase behaviour for sustainable development
Siraj Ahsan,
Taneja Shilpa,
Zhu Yongming,
Jiang Hongbing,
Luthra Sunil,
Kumar Anil
Publication year2022
Publication title
business strategy and the environment
Resource typeJournals
Abstract Consumers, nowadays, are becoming mindful of environmental issues than ever. The rising concerns for the adverse effects of consumption on environmental sustainability are leading to transformation in consumer behaviour. Consumers need relevant sustainability information about the products to shape sustainable purchase behaviours. On this note, marketers and organizations are increasingly using labels and logos for integrating sustainability evidence in their product offerings. This research integrates the theory of planned behaviour (TPB) with environmental concern, consumer effectiveness, consumer innovativeness and sustainable label awareness to determine how these affect the sustainable purchase behaviour for food products in China. The findings of structural equation modelling using data gathered from 273 consumers indicate all the constructs as significant, with consumer innovativeness having a negative and significant association. The present research expects to contribute to advancement in the literature on TPB and sustainable labelling by presenting a comprehensive and distinct model. Given the importance of the factors highlighted in the current research, marketers can design appropriate strategies by leveraging these determinants. The outcomes imply that marketers and policymakers need to make the consumers aware of sustainable labels and their favourable effects on the environment to promote sustainable consumer behaviour.
Subject(s)biology , business , consumer behaviour , consumption (sociology) , control (management) , ecology , economics , geometry , law , management , marketing , mathematics , political science , product (mathematics) , social science , sociology , sustainability , sustainable consumption , sustainable development , sustainable products , theory of planned behavior
SCImago Journal Rank2.123

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