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Partner with ZendyZendy aims to provide individuals with easy and affordable access to relevant and trusted academic literature.
Enhance content discoverability for individualson zendy

Enhance content discoverability for individuals

Empower accessibility in emerging regionson zendy

Empower accessibility in emerging regions

Collect missed usage analyticson zendy

Collect missed usage analytics

Create new incremental revenue streamson zendy

Create new incremental revenue streams

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Why partner with Zendy?

Contributing to the United Nations' Sustainable Goal 10 (reduce inequalities), we're on a mission to democratise access to scientific content traditionally behind paywalls.With the rise of illegal ways of accessing scientific content, there has never been a time where simple, affordable, and compliant solutions have been needed.This is an opportunity for all publishers & content providers to reach new audiences to create greater equality for academics & non-academics in emerging regions and underfunded institutions.

Flexible partnership optionsAll publishers are different, and that's why we offer flexible solutions to meet the unique needs of each publisher.
Increase revenue

Increase revenue

Shared revenue model based on the usage of paid content.

Quick transition

Quick transition

Publishers can use their existing distribution mechanisms (e.g. SFTP) to ensure no additional work is needed.

Customize your reach

Customize your reach

Publishers choose the countries they wish to participate in and which content to include.

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Zendy currently partners with leading publishers to provide top-tier content both on Zendy Plus & Zendy Open.To find out more about becoming a Zendy partner, please contact our team.Email :