Premium Beyond Silicon Valley: How start-ups succeed in unlikely places.
Lazarow, Alex
Publication year2020
Publication titleHarvard Business Review
Resource typePeriodical
Technology start-ups typically become successful by using injections of capital to grow as rapidly as possible and tolerating high risk in a rush for market domination. Entrepreneurs far from superstar innovation cities demonstrate that start-ups can achieve outsize success by following a different path. Frontier start-ups take a more balanced approach to growth, build resiliency into their models, and take a long-term outlook. In emerging markets, they are more likely to tackle fundamental societal challenges and to invest in their workforce.
Keyword(s)Business success , New business enterprises , Technological innovations , Entrepreneurship , Corporate profits , Business expansion , Silicon Valley (Santa Clara County, Calif.)
Author affiliation(s)
1Venture capitalist, Cathay Innovation

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