Premium 'Never let a good crisis go to waste' – The 2020 Business Information Review Survey: Part I.
Phillips, Stephen
Publication year2021
Publication titleBusiness Information Review
Resource typePeriodical
In its 30th year, the Business Information Review Survey captures insights from conversations with leading information managers in the UK and US. The participants include class leading information services leaders from a range of sectors, including financial services, law, professional services, manufacturing, mining and technology. The conversations took place in Q4 2020, covering corporate structure, staffing trends, the operating environment, the impact of technology, content delivery, vendor and client engagement. Respondents were also invited to share their strategic priorities for 2021, teeing up the 2021 survey which will invite the contributors to reflect on their achievements and the evolution of their services. Due to the quality and volume of information gathered, the survey is broken down into two parts. Part I introduces the survey, provides a detailed insight into the methodology, a high level summary of the participants, and detailed insights into the organisational structure and current staffing trends.
Keyword(s)United Kingdom , Information services , Business information services , Professions
Author affiliation(s)
1Information Management Consultant and Advisor, UK

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