Premium Herbal Medicine: Back to the Future Cardiovascular Diseases Volume: 1
Ferid, Murad,
Atta -ur-, Rahman,
Ka, Bian
Publication year2017
Resource typee-book
Herbal Medicine: Back to the Future compiles expert reviews on the application of herbal medicines (including Ayurveda, Chinese traditional medicines and alternative therapies) to treat different ailments. The book series demonstrates the use of sophisticated methods to understand traditional medicine, while providing readers a glimpse into the future of herbal medicine.This volume presents reviews of traditional Chinese medicine and other nutritional therapies useful for treating cardiovascular diseases, including:-cardiovascular benefits of the European Olive and bottle gourd-a review of the cardiovascular benefits of Naoxintong-herbal and micronutrient supplements for cardiovascular disease patients-herbal remedies for atherosclerosis-cardio-protective alkaloidsThis volume is essential reading for all researchers in the field of natural product chemistry and pharmacology. Medical professionals involved in cardiovascular care who seek to improve their knowledge about herbal medicine and alternative therapies will also benefit from the contents of the volume.
Keyword(s)Cardiovascular system--Diseases

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