Biotechnology: Health, Food, Energy and Environment Applications
Author(s) Pen̋a, Ines Garcia , Torres Bustillos, Luis G.
Publication year 2013
Resource typee-book
In a world of declining fossil energy, biotechnology explores multiple products and processes hidden in the rich genome of microbes, plants and animals. One of the reasons for the renewed spirit of biotechnology is supported by its capacity to swiftly incorporate the multidisciplinary advances in basic and applied sciences. This book presents a wide range of biotechnology research by the UPIBI community, teachers and students in the past 24 years. Novel methodologies, basic results and new processes are reported in several of the most dynamic fields in biotechnology such as health, energy, food and environment. This effort will certainly be an inspiration for students wishing to join research teams, for academic colleagues in search of new knowledge and for professionals exploring novel ideas or innovative solutions.
Keyword(s)Biotechnology , Bioengineering
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