Steam Generators : Design, Types and Applications
Author(s) Schellenberg, Clayson
Publication year 2017
Resource typee-book
In chapter one, Alexander V. Beznosov, Ph.D, Tatyana A. Bokova, Ph.D, and Pavel A. Bokov, Ph.D examine the possible development of novel fast-neutron reactors with increased effectiveness and safety operation indicators, cooled with heavy liquid metal coolants. In chapter two, Adelaida Mihaela Duinea presents and elaborates upon a study for the application of steam generators in modeling and simulation of their operation in steady and dynamic regime in power plants. Finally, Dumitra Lucan assesses corrosion performance of the CANDU steam generator tubesheet and tubing materials at the normal secondary circuit parameters in chapter three.
Keyword(s)Steam-boilers--Design and construction
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