open-access-imgOpen AccessPrognosis and Management of Communicating and Non-communicating Hydrocele
Wedyan Salem Basaif,
Abdullah Murshid,
Y. Alhadi,
Sultan Dhafer Albarman,
Mohammed Jamal Almunaikh,
Ahmed Mahammed Alsaffar,
Ahmed Aljohani,
Abdulaziz O. Alshehri,
Khalid S. Aloufi,
Abdulaziz Ahmed Alnami,
Abdullah M. Asiri,
Ziyad Hassan Siyam
Publication year2021
Resource typeUndefined
Hydrocele can be found as a collection of fluid within the testicular tunica vaginalis. According to the etiology and pathophysiology of the disease, it can be classified into primary and secondary. Furthermore, primary hydrocele might include the closed or non-communicating, the communicating type, the congenital and or neonatal type. Many management approaches have been proposed for both the communicating and non-communicating hydrocele with different post-operative and prognostic outcomes. In this literature review, we have discussed the current management approaches and prognosis of communicating and non-community hydrocele. Adequate diagnosis of the condition is the first step to achieve favorable management outcomes. Although the reported management outcomes are reported to be effective in the literature, the surgical approaches seem to be superior. However, many side effects might be associated with these operations. Estimates show that following varicocelectomy procedures, ipselateral (left) hemi-scrotal varicocele is the most common condition to occur, which might even develop following the procedure by several months and years (in some cases). Further investigations are still needed because the current evidence is largely based on case reports and small case series investigations. Therefore, larger studies are needed to help draw effective management protocols and enhance the outcomes and prognosis.
Subject(s)biology , disease , etiology , general surgery , genetics , gynecology , hydrocele , infertility , intensive care medicine , medicine , pregnancy , surgery , tunica vaginalis , varicocele

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