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open-access-imgOpen AccessStudent’s Attitude and Comfort towards Online Education in India
Subodh Agarwal,
Sapna Grewal,
Suresh Kumar,
Sonia Goel
Publication year2021
Publication title
asian journal of agricultural extension, economics and sociology
Resource typeJournals
PublisherSciencedomain International
The aim of this investigation was to study about the student’s attitude and comfort level towards online education in India. It also aimed to study the relationship between personal variable and student’s attitude and comfort level. The present study was conducted online in different district of India. The data were collected online from 547 students of different colleges with the help of a questionnaire developed in a Google form. The results indicated that more than half of the students (52.83%) were from Government institute (Central/state). The results also revealed that majority of the students (78.98%) had access to computers and Wi-fi in their institute while 61.61% students had access on the online material for study at home. More than half of the respondents (55.94%) reported sufficiently availability about the various online educational portals/tools /apps. More than half of the students (59.23%) agreed that short-term hands-on training/workshop about the available tools/apps/ portals will help in better understanding of the online mode of learning. 51.55% of the students responded that they did not enjoy online mode of learning more than the typical classroom teaching. The results showed a significant association for attitude and comfort level of students towards online teaching mode. 
Subject(s)computer assisted web interviewing , computer science , government (linguistics) , linguistics , mathematics , mathematics education , medical education , medicine , mode (computer interface) , multimedia , online learning , online teaching , operating system , philosophy , positive attitude , psychology , social psychology , statistics

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