Section Translation: Improving Mobile Translation (Arctic Knot Conference 2021)
Eli Asikin-Garmager,
Amir Aharoni,
Pau Giner,
Nik Gkountas
Publication year2021
Publication title
septentrio conference series
Resource typeJournals
Content Translation has been used since 2015 by more than 78,000 editors to create over 800,000 Wikipedia articles. Section Translation aims to bring the option of translation to mobile editors, and can be used to expand existing articles. The session will present a brief history of the research and design process that led to Section Translation, as well as recent research done on the experiences of early adopters. It will conclude with a short demo of Section Translation.
Subject(s)biochemistry , biology , chemical engineering , computer science , engineering , gene , knot (papermaking) , messenger rna , operating system , section (typography) , translation (biology)

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