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open-access-imgOpen AccessAre competencies and corporate strategy aligned? an exploratory study in Brazilian steel mills
Ualace Carvalho Marques Porto,
Francisco Antonio Passos,
Paulo N. Figueiredo
Publication year2017
Publication title
iberoamerican journal of strategic management
Resource typeJournals
PublisherUniversidade Nove de Julho
In this qualitative and exploratory study, a measurement of alignment of competencies with corporate strategy was carried out in nine steel mills, using a methodology developed specifically for this purpose. Four companies (“big and aligned”), accounting for 86% of the steel produced in the country, indicate full alignment of competencies with their strategies. Two companies (“small and partially aligned”), represent 4% of the market and try to reconcile the corporate strategy of technological orientation with short-term operational performance imposed on them by the business environment. In contrast to the latter, three companies (“small and not aligned”), having 10% of the combined market share, primarily concern themselves with performance in terms of productivity, without having synergy with the corporate strategy. The major contribution of this work is the development of a specific methodology to operationalize the mapping of core competencies, in order to facilitate the mobilization of resources to support business strategies.
Subject(s)anthropology , business , business administration , core competency , economic growth , economics , epistemology , exploratory research , finance , industrial organization , market orientation , marketing , operationalization , order (exchange) , philosophy , process management , productivity , sociology , strategic management

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