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open-access-imgOpen AccessElectrical power consumption reduction in the bitcoin mining process using phase change material
Jacob Geels
Publication year2022
In this paper, the idea of applying phase change materials (PCMs) as a method of energy use reduction in bitcoin mining will be investigated. The possible applications discussed include the implementation of PCMs in the mining equipment itself, the integration of PCMs into the mining warehouse envelope, and the use of PCMs in air conditioning systems. These applications aim to decrease energy requirements for warehouse climate control systems by decreasing their cooling load, and by increasing the efficiency of the miners by keeping them at a cooler operating temperature. This reduction in energy usage will help reduce bitcoin’s carbon footprint produced by fossil fuels electricity production.
Subject(s)biology , business , carbon footprint , computer science , cost reduction , ecology , electrical engineering , electricity , energy consumption , engineering , environmental science , geometry , greenhouse gas , marketing , mathematics , operating system , process (computing) , process engineering , reduction (mathematics)

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