open-access-imgOpen AccessWhat is it to be an Artist Teacher in England Today?
Alan Thornton
Publication year2012
Publication title
world journal of education
Resource typeJournals
With the continuing development of the Artist Teacher Scheme (ATS) it seems an opportune moment to ask the question: What is it to be an artist teacher in England today? The term ‘artist teacher’ and the concept it reflects are initially viewed here in a historical context. A conceptual model based on previous research into the education of artist teachers is proposed as a response to the ontological question. In this model artist teachers are understood as individuals committed to personal practice as art makers and art teachers who work predominantly but not exclusively in the secondary or tertiary sectors of art education. The article concludes by identifying some of the aims of the ATS and how they relate to art education, particularly in the maintained sector. Also it is proposed that the model presented could help artist teachers to focus beliefs and practices and that the education system should support the continuing professional development of these dual practitioner
Subject(s)archaeology , art , context (archaeology) , engineering , faculty development , higher education , history , law , mechanical engineering , pedagogy , political science , professional development , sociology , the arts , visual arts , visual arts education , work (physics)

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