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open-access-imgOpen AccessThe Role of the Health Media in Raising Awareness of the Emerging Corona Virus Vaccine: A Field Study from a Point of View on Jordanian Opinion Leaders
Dr. Sahel Ali Al-Atoom,
Shadi Maher Al-Khasawneh
Publication year2022
study aimed to identify the role of the health media in relation to Corona virus vaccination from the perspective of opinion leaders, and the researcher used a descriptive analytical approach, selecting a random sample of Jordanian opinion leaders (50), distributing a questionnaire to them, and analyzing the results of their responses. The study found that all members of the study sample of opinion leaders received the Corona vaccine, of which (54.0 %) received the Pfizer vaccine, 30.0 % received the AstraZeneca vaccine, and 16.0 % received the Sino-pharma vaccine, and that (88.0 %) prefer Pfizer vaccine, while (10.0 %) prefer Sino-pharm, and (6.0 %) prefer AstraZeneca vaccine. The findings also revealed that (50.0 percent) of the study sample believed that the main reason for people's reluctance to take the Corona vaccine is fear of side effects, and that the majority of the sample members of Jordanian opinion leaders agreed that the information provided by the Ministry of Health in Jordanian media was sufficient to dispel rumors to a large extent, as it clarified the effectiveness and safety of vaccinations.The study recommended the need for official institutions, particularly Jordan TV and the Ministry of Health, and through various media, to continue to provide sufficient information about the coronavirus disease, and its catastrophic consequences on the economic, health and social levels, as well as the need for official authorities to provide through the various media accurate information based on global sources in the positive Receiving the Corona vaccine, its effectiveness in fighting the disease, and its safety for individuals.Keywords: health media, coronavirus, opinion leaders.
Subject(s)advertising , business , chemistry , christian ministry , chromatography , family medicine , law , mass media , medicine , political science , psychology , public relations , sample (material) , vaccination , virology

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