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open-access-imgOpen AccessOs sujeitos que nunca foram históricos – uma crítica do marxismo eurocêntrico
João Aldeia,
Elísio Estanque
Publication year2011
Publication title
Resource typeJournals
PublisherUniversidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Despite its limitations, classical Marxism remains an essential theory for the critical understanding of contemporaneity. However, some of its assumptions are unsustainable. Starting from a constructive criticism of Marxism, namely of its Eurocentered nature, this article attempts to deconstruct the notion of the proletariat as historical subject, considering it empirically unverifiable. If there are no groups destined to lead the process of socio-historical change, the real emancipation of the oppressed of the world has necessarily to articulate the struggles of the working classes with those of all the other dominated groups in the world-system
Subject(s)computer science , constructive , criticism , emancipation , epistemology , law , library science , operating system , philosophy , political science , politics , process (computing) , proletariat , religious studies , sociology , subject (documents)

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