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open-access-imgOpen AccessEvaluation of an Infrared Camera Technique for Detecting Mechanically Induced Internal Voids in Syzygium grande
Daniel C. Burcham,
Subhadip Ghosh,
Leong Eng Choon,
Fong Yok King
Publication year2011
Publication title
arboriculture and urban forestry
Resource typeJournals
PublisherInternational Society of Arboriculture
In order to evaluate a proposed tree diagnostic technique employing infrared cameras, research was conducted to evaluate the effect of internal voids on surface temperature using a thermal photographic instrument. Three axial cylindrical voids of increasing size (Void A, 327 cm3; Void B, 745 cm3; Void C, 1159 cm3) were introduced mechanically in 45 cm long stem sections and exposed to direct sunlight. Subsequently, infrared images were collected from two diametrically opposed sides of the stem sections at regular 30-minute intervals over 150 minutes. The collected images were evaluated visually to compare stem features with observed temperature anomalies, and temperature data was extracted from a vertical transect in the infrared images. The data extracted were compared against a control stem section without defects to determine the independent and combined effects of void size and internal position on surface temperature. Mean relative temperature revealed a significant temperature change in the stems containing mechanical voids compared to the control stem. Significant increases in mean relative temperature were recorded on the stems containing Void A and Void B compared to the control. However, there was no significant change in mean relative temperature on the stem section containing Void C.
Subject(s)biology , composite material , ecology , infrared , materials science , optics , physics , thermography , transect , void (composites)
SCImago Journal Rank0.222

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