open-access-imgOpen AccessMobile Application Design for Ornamental Fish Virtual Contest with User Center Design Approach
Ekawati Sutan Nur Meyliana,
Henry Antonius Eka Widjaja,
Stephen W. Santoso,
Surjandy, A. Raharto Condrobimo
Publication year2022
Publication title
international journal emerging technology and advanced engineering
Resource typeJournals
The rapid development of technology provides changes in human life in carrying out activities. One of them is SMEs that can have an impact on ornamental fish SMEs. This development is very rapid with the Covid-19 pandemic changing the economy, especially income for SMEs has decreased. Another problem with the pandemic is the existence of social restrictions in all activities, thus limiting the activities that can be done specifically for contest events. Innovation in contests requires technology to expand the range of participants to participate in contests. The combination of contests with technology creates virtual contests. Design development with a user center design approach with FGDs with related parties. The result of this research is a virtual contest application design. Usercustomized contest application features that play an important role include: Event Organizer can create events, create event categories, enter judges, create evaluation categories, accept participant registrations, provide information on contest results. Jury users can judge according to the event category. Participants register for the contest event and get the contest results. Administrators manage events that occur. Developing a virtual contest design in this mobile application can help ornamental fish lovers to participate regardless of the distance, place, and time of the contest. The innovation contest provides more information to help new/deserved customers get quality ornamental fish for the contest. Contest innovation requires technology to generate virtual contests. Virtual contest contests can help broaden the range of participants who can participate in contest events. Keywords— User Interface, Mobile, Virtual Contest, Ornamental Fish, User Center Design.
Subject(s)computer science , contest , event (particle physics) , law , physics , political science , quantum mechanics

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