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open-access-imgOpen AccessNově objevené hradiště Čerťák u obce Sovolusky v kontextu halštatského osídlení regionu
Filip Prekop,
Petr Krištuf
Publication year2021
Publication title
musaica archaeologica
Resource typeJournals
PublisherMusaica Archaeologica
This paper presents a new hillfort site which is situated on top of „Čerťák“ Hill (651 m n. m.), Sovolusky municipality, Karlovy Vary district. It has been identified with the help of a digital terrain model based on Airborne Laser Scanning (LiDAR). Two separate lines of stone ramparts have been confirmed on top of the Čerťák Hill, formed by a significant right bank meander in the upper course of the river Střela. The inner area reaches 1.4 ha and the external enclosed area spreads to 2.3 ha. Subsequent field research yielded a collection of more than 500 pottery fragments from the Late Hallstatt period. The dispersion of finds shows relatively intensive settlement. The paper also discusses other sites in the surrounding region which date to the same period. The Hallstatt settlement seems to have been a structurally connected complex in the presented area.
Subject(s)aesthetics , archaeology , art , computer science , digital elevation model , geography , geology , geometry , mathematics , meander (mathematics) , payment , period (music) , pottery , remote sensing , settlement (finance) , world wide web

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