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open-access-imgOpen AccessRelationship between headteachers’ communication competencies and effective school management in public primary schools in Narok county, kenya
Joseph Kipkemoi Koskie,
Dr. Cecilis Sang,
Viviline Ngeno
Publication year2020
Publication title
global journal of educational research
Resource typeJournals
PublisherAfrican Journals OnLine
This study investigated the relationship between headteachers’ communication competencies and effective school management in public primary schools in Narok County, Kenya. The target population was 665 headteachers, 25 Curriculum support officers and County Auditor. The study sample comprised 85 Headteachers, 25 Curriculum Support Officer and County Auditor. This study used the convergent mixed method research design. Data were collected using questionnaires, interviews and checklists of observations. Piloting was conducted in Kericho County. Validity was established by with the help of university supervisors. Split half technique and Cronbach Alpha coefficient test was used to test reliability coefficient. A score of 0.7 was acceptable. Analysis of quantitative data was by use descriptive statistics and inferential statistics with the aid of SPSS Version 23. Qualitative data collected from open ended questions was analyzed using descriptive analysis. These were analyzed through summarizing the set of observations drawn from the respondents. The study findings show that in most of the public schools headteachers communication competencies had a positive influence on effective school management. However, this was not the case in some of the schools in the county. The study recommended that the headteachers should consider scaling up their application of acquired communication skills for instance, by setting and communication of targets to both teachers and pupils, sharing schedules of lesson observation for all teachers, and ensuring that the curriculum is effectively delivered. Keywords: Headteachers’ communication competencies, effective school management, public primary schools
Subject(s)archaeology , audit , biology , cronbach's alpha , curriculum , data collection , descriptive statistics , economics , environmental health , geography , management , mathematics , medical education , medicine , officer , paleontology , pedagogy , population , psychology , qualitative property , statistics , test (biology)

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