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open-access-imgOpen AccessMultiregional secure localization using compressive sensing in wireless sensor networks
Liu Chang,
Yao Xiangju,
Luo Juan
Publication year2019
Publication title
etri journal
Resource typeJournals
PublisherElectronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Security and accuracy are two issues in the localization of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) that are difficult to balance in hostile indoor environments. Massive numbers of malicious positioning requests may cause the functional failure of an entire WSN. To eliminate the misjudgments caused by malicious nodes, we propose a compressive‐sensing–based multiregional secure localization (CSMR_SL) algorithm to reduce the impact of malicious users on secure positioning by considering the resource‐constrained nature of WSNs. In CSMR_SL, a multiregion offline mechanism is introduced to identify malicious nodes and a preprocessing procedure is adopted to weight and balance the contributions of anchor nodes. Simulation results show that CSMR_SL may significantly improve robustness against attacks and reduce the influence of indoor environments while maintaining sufficient accuracy levels.
Subject(s)artificial intelligence , biochemistry , chemistry , compressed sensing , computer network , computer science , computer security , distributed computing , gene , preprocessor , robustness (evolution) , telecommunications , wireless , wireless sensor network
SCImago Journal Rank0.295

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