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open-access-imgOpen AccessPreparation and formulation of transferosomes containing an antifungal agent for transdermal delivery: Application of Plackett-Burman design to identify significant factors influencing vesicle size
B Rutu Patel,
Rajesh K. Parikh
Publication year2012
Resource typeUndefined
PublisherWolters Kluwer Medknow Publications
Transferosomes containing an anti-fungal agent were prepared by Rotary Flask Evaporation -Sonication method. Eight batches were prepared in triplicate and vesicle size of each batch was determined. Plackett-Burman Design was employed to identify significant formulation and process parameters affecting vesicle size. The amount of lipid and surfactant, volume of ethanol and hydration medium as well as hydration time significantly affect the vesicle size
Subject(s)antifungal , biochemistry , biology , chemistry , chromatography , membrane , microbiology and biotechnology , pharmacology , plackett–burman design , pulmonary surfactant , response surface methodology , sonication , transdermal , vesicle

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