open-access-imgOpen AccessA review of service quality: Case of the National Treasury of South Africa
Refiloe L. Thokoa,
Vinessa Naidoo,
Tessie H.H. Herbst
Publication year2022
Publication title
africa’s public service delivery and performance review
Resource typeJournals
Background: The study rests on the idea that the National Treasury (NT) impacts direct service delivery at the country level through its budget preparation and budget implementation monitoring processes. Both processes are meant to ensure that departments are appropriately resourced, and should, therefore, be able to achieve objectives contained in their performance plans. The study focuses on the service quality provided by the NT in performing these functions.Aim: To provide insights on the level of service quality provided by NT to national government departments and the role of expectations in its measurement.Setting: The study was conducted in Pretoria, and respondents were employees in the Administration Division of national government departments.Methods: The study followed a quantitative approach and used primary data which was collected between October and December 2019. The mean (µ), standard deviation (SD), gap analysis, one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Scheffe’s test as a post-test were the key statistical techniques used.Results: Service quality was found to be appropriate based on both the SERVQUAL and SERVPERF models. More positive results are however observed when service expectations are excluded as guided by the latter. Service expectations were found to be an unstable factor in the measurement of service quality.Conclusion: An online service quality review system to be established by NT in support of the New Public Management movement. The NT to ensure that external marketing media, which impact service expectations, are realistic.
Subject(s)accounting , biology , business , economics , epistemology , government (linguistics) , law , linguistics , marketing , operations management , paleontology , philosophy , political science , quality (philosophy) , service (business) , service delivery framework , service design , service guarantee , service quality , servqual , test (biology) , treasury , variance (accounting)

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