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open-access-imgOpen AccessWhat are the Latent Topics Associated with Experience in Flipped Learning? An Empirical Investigation of University Students' Interview Responses
Kyung Woo Park,
Yonghwan Bang
Publication year2021
With the advancement of ICT in the 21st century, ICT adopted education environment and teaching approaches are introduced in Higher Education setting globally. In the year of 2020 when global education sector encountered unprecedent difficult phenomena in Covid-19 Pandemic, teachers, students, and education administrators had to familiar with the terminology of online platform, hybrid learning and Flipped Learning (FL). With this strong intervention of ICT into the Education setting, this study aims to explore the students’ experience and perception toward the FL by analyzing and interpreting interview data from the qualitative studies on FL between 2014 and 2020. This study conducted text mining analysis, and topic modeling method from the selected 102 SSCI and Scopus level research articles on FL. The result of the study categorized the findings from the pure text analysis into three themes for the FL which were ‘teacher and classroom’, ‘motivation and students’ growth’, ‘educational needs and difficulties. From the result, the study confirmed the other two key topics which are related to student’ experience and characteristics such as growth of motivation, practical challenges, and difficulties from the FL experience. The result indicates that teachers need to give attentive attention and observation to the challenges that students are encountering during the classroom activities in FL setting.
Subject(s)computer science , higher education , information and communications technology , law , linguistics , mathematics education , medline , pedagogy , philosophy , political science , psychology , scopus , terminology , world wide web

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