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open-access-imgOpen AccessRereading Superman as a trans f/man
Dan Vena
Publication year2017
Publication title
transformative works and cultures
Resource typeJournals
PublisherOrganization for Transformative Works
While a noteworthy body of scholarship exists that "queers" the superhero, few attempts have been made to "trans" such famous comic book characters. I offer an introduction to trans identities via my own personal narrative and a cursory example of trans reading practices within the fields of comics and fandom studies. Writing as a trans f/m (fan and man), I set out to trans superheroes and also to rethink the temporal space of boyhood, which is typically positioned as the supposed beginning of one's manhood and one's passion for comic book heroes. As an example of this reading strategy, I offer a reinterpretation of the Superman origin story that explicitly highlights the hero's own innate transness.
Subject(s)aesthetics , art , art history , close reading , comics , fandom , hero , law , linguistics , literature , narrative , passion , philosophy , political science , psychology , psychotherapist , reading (process) , reinterpretation , scholarship , superman

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