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open-access-imgOpen AccessPartial characterization of digestive proteases in Pacific red snapper Lutjanus peru Nichols & Murphy, 1922 (Perciformes: Lutjanidae)
Emyr Saúl Peña-Marín,
Leonardo Ibarra-Castro,
Juan Manuel Martínez-Brown,
Iris Adriana Hernández-López,
Dariel Tovar-Ramírez,
Juan Carlos Pérez-Urbiola,
Vicente Morales-García,
Rafael Martínez-García,
Susana Camarillo-Coop,
Emmanuel Martínez-Montaño,
Carlos Alfonso Álvarez-González
Publication year2021
Publication title
latin american journal of aquatic research
Resource typeJournals
PublisherEscuela de Ciencias del Mar
Pacific red snapper (Lutjanus peru) is an important commercial species in Mexico with great aquaculture potential; however, digestive physiology is still unknown. Therefore, the objective of the present work was to characterize the digestive proteases of L. peru juvenile using biochemical and electrophoretic techniques. Results showed a higher acid protease activity than the alkaline proteases, trypsin, chymotrypsin, and leucine aminopeptidase (LAP). The optimum temperature for acid proteases was between 30 to 40°C. Trypsin activity showed two maximum peaks of temperature (30 and 50°C), while alkaline proteases, chymotrypsin, and LAP had optimum temperatures of 50, 50 to 60, and 40°C, respectively. Moreover, the optimum pH of acid proteases was between 2 and 3. Also, alkaline proteases, trypsin, chymotrypsin showed pH optimums at pH 6, 9, and 5, respectively, although LAP showed two optimum pH values at 6 and 9. Acid protease zymogram showed three isoforms, totally inhibited by pepstatin A. Alkaline protease zymogram revealed six bands (125.4, 67.2, 57.9, 48.6, 29.8, and 26.9 kDa), which were inhibited by specific serine-proteases and metalloproteases inhibitors. In conclusion, the main digestion in L. peru depends on stomach proteases, which are characteristic of carnivorous fish, followed by intestinal digestion supported mainly by chymotrypsin.
Subject(s)biochemistry , biology , chemistry , chymotrypsin , enzyme , fish <actinopterygii> , fishery , lutjanidae , protease , proteases , trypsin , zymography
SCImago Journal Rank0.357

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