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open-access-imgOpen AccessDynamics of parasitoid-host interaction: Application of the case of <em>Callosobruchus maculatus</em> (Chrysomelidae) and <em>Dinarmus basalis</em> (Pteromalidae)
Jouda Médiouni Ben Jemâa,
Soumaya Haouel-Hamdi,
Marwa Ferchcichi,
Mariam Hedjal-Chebheb,
Emna Boushih
Publication year2021
Publication title
proceedings of the 1st international electronic conference on entomology
Resource typeConference proceedings
Subject(s)anatomy , biology , botany , callosobruchus maculatus , ecology , horticulture , host (biology) , larva , parasitoid , pest analysis , strain (injury) , vigna , weevil , zoology

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