open-access-imgOpen AccessAn Empirical Analysis on the Determinants of the Philippine Economic Growth: 1987-2018
Stephanie Grace C. Mortera,
Jericho Vince P. Ocampo,
Kim Suin
Publication year2022
Publication title
journal of economics, finance and accounting studies
Resource typeJournals
The impending unemployment situation in the Philippines is dreadful to the economic development. The study aims to formulate an econometric model for the determinants of economic development. This paper may be a new approach in understanding the inter-dependencies between the economic forces, but using a local region does prove that there are new insights regarding the economic factors in the Philippines. The results show that an increase/decrease in Labor Force Participation Rate (female) and General Government Final Consumption Expenditure increases/decreases in Unemployment Rate Among Female approximately. In contrast, an increase in the Inflation Rate decreased in Unemployment Rate Among females. The analysis uses E-views version 11 and 12. The results show a significant relationship between Unemployment Rate Among females and Labor Force Participation Rate (female), Inflation Rate, and General Government Final Consumption Expenditure using Multiple Linear Regression Analysis and Autocorrelation. Moreover, Johansen Cointegration Test proves a long-run relationship among the variables. The authors suggest that the analysis is imperative to help the economy maintain a high standard level and can be used by the government to implement policies that specifically highlight the role of women in economic growth.
Subject(s)cointegration , consumption (sociology) , demographic economics , econometrics , economics , error correction model , government (linguistics) , government expenditure , inflation (cosmology) , inflation rate , interest rate , johansen test , labour economics , linguistics , macroeconomics , philosophy , physics , public finance , social science , sociology , theoretical physics , unemployment , unemployment rate

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