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open-access-imgOpen AccessThe Effect of ElectromagneticWaves Produces by Power Plant Station of South Baghdad on the Blood Viscosity of Workers
Kassim Mahdi Wadi
Publication year2010
Publication title
al-ʻulūm al-ṣaydalāniyyaẗ
Resource typeJournals
PublisherAl Mustansiriyah University - College of Pharmacy
The aim of study is identifying the effect of electromagnetic waves resulted from the electric power station of south Baghdad on the blood viscosity of its workers. The study included the following: The blood of 70 healthy and non smoker workers, working in the operation and maintenance of electrical power generating systems of South Baghdad thermal station at different operating ages and periods, was examined. After analyzing the results obtained from laboratory tests like (Hb, ESR and PCV) done at the general central health laboratories and comparing them with the standard normal measures specified internationally.The comparison results showed high significant difference at the level P 0.05. On the other hand, the comparison results registered a confidence level not lower than20% in the presence of a difference among the recorded results at the age (35 and over) and the standard value of ESR test too which indicated the influenceof those ages within the variable. The comparison results also showed high significant differences at the level P>0.01 for all ages among the researched indicators’ results at all periods of exposure at both indicators (PCV and ESR) with the level P>0.05 at PCV indicator.The study recommended decreasing the exposure hours basing on international measures taken by WHO and also relying on the operating age with the internationally depended limits as well as retesting annually to follow up the recorded limit levels.
Subject(s)biology , confidence interval , demography , health examination , medicine , significant difference , sociology , toxicology , veterinary medicine , zoology

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