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open-access-imgOpen AccessInvestigation of Carbon Dioxide Corrosion Inhibitors for Steel for Use in Oil and Gas Production
Л. А. Магадова,
K.A. Poteshkina,
V. D. Vlasova,
M. S. Pilipenko,
V. Y. Fineshina
Publication year2020
Publication title
tehnologii nefti i gaza
Resource typeJournals
The effect of carbon dioxide corrosion on the pipeline transport system and its protection methods are considered in this article. The corrosion inhibitors represented by imidazoline-based compositions and industrial samples of corrosion inhibitors are used as protective reagents, and the model of produced water saturated with carbon dioxide is used as an aggressive environment. The protective properties of inhibitors and the corrosion rate were evaluated by gravimetric analysis. The paper presents the results of the study of industrial samples and inhibitory compositions developed on the basis of the REC “Promyslovaya himiya”. According to the results of the work, a positive effect of additives of nonionic surfactants on the protective properties of inhibitors was noted.
Subject(s)carbon dioxide , carbon steel , chemistry , corrosion , gravimetric analysis , materials science , metallurgy , organic chemistry , reagent

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