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open-access-imgOpen AccessIndustrial Safety Analysis of Accidents Involving Ammonia, with Special Regard to Cold-Storage Facilities
Zoltán Kocsis,
József Dobor,
Gyula Kóródi,
Enikő Kuk
Publication year2015
Resource typeUndefined
Anhydrous ammonia is widely used in industry and it is one of the most dangerous materials produced, transported and used in largest quantities. From the viewpoint of industrial safety, this material is essential, as it is present at almost every branch office of disaster management, and the number of major industrial accidents involving ammonia has recently increased. In fact, few articles and literature deal with this issue.The main purpose of the article is to remedy this deficiency as well as to provide professional help for first responders, members of the professional authority and the higher education students in the field of industrial safety.
Subject(s)anhydrous , business , chemistry , engineering , forensic engineering , operations management , organic chemistry

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