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open-access-imgOpen AccessFreedom of Conscience and Freedom of Religion: Essence and Subject Field
Mykhailo Babiy,
Sergiy Prysukhin
Publication year2016
Publication title
relìgìjna svoboda
Resource typeJournals
PublisherUkrainian Association of Religion Researchers
The problem of freedom of conscience and freedom of religion for many years surely occupies an important place in the system of religious knowledge. There is reason to talk about the emergence of a new branch of the law of religion. The acuteness of discourse gives rise to skepticism about the logic of definitions, generalizations and conclusions, which, in general, does not deny the possibility of new research on the substantive characteristics of this religious discipline.
Subject(s)computer science , conscience , epistemology , field (mathematics) , library science , mathematics , philosophy , pure mathematics , sociology , subject (documents)

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