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open-access-imgOpen AccessClimate Change and Barley Production in Afghanistan: A Case Study of Injil District, Herat Province
Abdul Halim Mohd Rahimi,
Ramin Nazarian
Publication year2022
Publication title
international journal for research in applied sciences and biotechnology
Resource typeJournals
PublisherVandana Publications
The research focuses on barley output in the Injil District of Herat Province, Afghanistan, and the influence of climate change between the years 2008-2017. Over the previous 10 years, the study's findings imply a relative rise in both mean maximum and mean minimum temperature, as well as a relative drop in yearly precipitation. According to the farmers in the District, the prevalence of the pest and disease is quite low and has caused no harm to the area of barley production. Climate change (temperature and precipitation) has a somewhat positive impact on barley productivity, according to the research. The research also discovered a statistically negative association between temperature and barley productivity, finding that a comparatively higher temperature resulted in a considerable increase in barley yield when the best pest and disease-resistant variety was employed and the weather was favourable. Precipitation and barley yield were also shown to have a statistically negative association, according to the research. The consequence is that when precipitation drops, the area of barley production increases, since another factor impacting barley output is the use of stream water, wells, and kariz to remove water shortages for irrigation, as well as the use of disease and pest-resistant cultivars.
Subject(s)agronomy , biology , climate change , climatology , ecology , economics , environmental science , geography , geology , hordeum vulgare , horticulture , irrigation , macroeconomics , materials science , maximum temperature , metallurgy , meteorology , pest analysis , poaceae , precipitation , productivity , yield (engineering)

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