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Юрій Іванович Данько,
С. В. Вовчок
Publication year2021
Publication title
vìsnik kiïvsʹkogo nacìonalʹnogo unìversitetu tehnologìj ta dizajnu
Resource typeJournals
PublisherKyiv National University of Technologies and Design
In the article the authors highlight the main methodological approaches to assessing the effectiveness of competitive development of enterprises in the face of intensifying competition in the markets caused by the processes of globalization of international economic relations. The presence of a wide range of approaches in domestic and foreign literature made it possible to form their own vision of this problem. Based on the analysis, basic groups of approaches to measuring the effectiveness of competitive development are formed on the basis of comparison of efficiency indicators, comparison of competitive advantages and measurement of competitiveness on the basis of market share. The tools for assessing competitive development at different hierarchical levels of management were considered (macro-level – the competitiveness of the country, meso-level – the competitiveness of the industry, micro-level – the competitiveness of the enterprise). Methodological tools are proposed, which consists in building a matrix of standardized values of partial indicators of competitive development of enterprises in order to rank them according to the integrated indicator of the level of competitiveness of each individual enterprise. Considering the competitive development from the standpoint of the competitiveness of the enterprise, it is established that its strategic priorities are interrelated and determined by the goals of which the company seeks to achieve in the market. It is proposed to pay attention to the trajectories of competitive development, selection of methods and tools for forming a system of competitive development management, a set of strategic relationships, and resource provision of competitive development.
Subject(s)biology , business , combinatorics , competition (biology) , competitive advantage , computer network , computer science , ecology , economics , finance , globalization , industrial organization , macro , market economy , marketing , mathematics , order (exchange) , programming language , rank (graph theory) , resource (disambiguation)

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