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open-access-imgOpen AccessFeasibility of Liquid Desiccant Cooling (LDC) system under Mediterranean climate
Seifennasr Sabek
Publication year2019
Publication title
journal of architectural environment and structural engineering research
Resource typeJournals
PublisherBilingual Publishing Co.
Contrary to the conventional air conditioning systems, the liquid desiccant cooling (LDC) systems are considered efficient systems to control the indoor air conditions. In addition, the LDC technologies are more adequate for the hot and humid climates. In this paper, we present an analytical investigation at assessing the feasibility of a LDC technology under Mediterranean climate. The mathematical equations including the sensible and latent heat transfer equations in both air stream and desiccant solution are presented. The impacts of climatic and operating parameters on the supplied air qualities, moisture removal rate (MRR) and sensible heat ratio (SHR) are evaluated. As a consequence, this study provides a solution to investigate the feasibility of this type of air conditioning technologies under hot and humid climate.
Subject(s)air conditioning , archaeology , atmospheric sciences , biology , climate change , desiccant , ecology , engineering , environmental engineering , environmental science , evaporative cooler , geography , geology , latent heat , liquid desiccant , mechanical engineering , mediterranean climate , meteorology , moisture , process engineering , sensible heat

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