Get a Life: Fast and Furious Cataloging for the Overworked and Underutilized School Librarian
Dianne McKenzie
Publication year2021
Publication title
iasl conference proceedings
Resource typeJournals
This workshop and paper is intended to give participants an idea of the types of services currently being offered. The products and services listed here are done so for the participants' information and ease of follow up in collecting information about what their needs are. The author has no links with any of these companies and by their inclusion is not recommending any of them in particular. By the dynamic nature of the Internet, web sites will change and even though the author has checked the websites listed before publication, there is no guarantee they will be the same when you visit them.
Subject(s)business , cataloging , computer science , gender studies , inclusion (mineral) , internet privacy , political science , public relations , sociology , the internet , world wide web

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