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open-access-imgOpen AccessUse of EFSA Pesticide Residue Intake Model (EFSA PRIMo revision 3)
Brancato Alba,
Brocca Daniela,
Ferreira Lucien,
Greco Luna,
Jarrah Samira,
Leuschner Renata,
Medina Paula,
Miron Ileana,
Nougadere Alexandre,
Pedersen Ragnor,
Reich Hermine,
Santos Miguel,
Stanek Alois,
Tarazona Jose,
Theobald Anne,
VillamarBouza Laura
Publication year2018
Publication title
efsa journal
Resource typeJournals
Abstract Since 2007, the EFSA PRIM o (Pesticide Residue Intake Model), an Excel‐based calculation spreadsheet, is the standard tool used at EU level to perform the dietary risk assessment for pesticide residues in the framework of setting and reviewing of maximum residue levels for pesticides under Regulation ( EC ) No 396/2005 and in the peer review of pesticides under Regulation ( EU ) No 1107/2009. The model was now updated with regard to food consumption data derived from some recent dietary food surveys. In addition, new functionalities were included in the calculation spread sheet to make the tool more user‐friendly and to allow automatic integration of the EFSA PRIM o in the workflows where dietary risk assessments are performed.
Subject(s)acceptable daily intake , agricultural science , agronomy , biochemistry , biology , chemistry , computer science , computer security , environmental science , food contact materials , food packaging , food safety , food science , pesticide , pesticide residue , residue (chemistry) , risk assessment
Keyword(s) dietary risk assessment model , pesticide residues
SCImago Journal Rank1.076

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