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open-access-imgOpen AccessWays to Preserve the Traditional Art of Jianzhi from Jinzhou in Modern China
Jianye Wan
Publication year2022
Publication title
человек и культура
Resource typeJournals
PublisherAurora Group s.r.o.
This article discusses the methods of preserving jianzhi art from Jinzhou. Among the ways to ensure this activity, traditional inheritance, museum business, school education, the use of modern technologies, the program of "productive conservation", as well as the organization of education were highlighted. The expansion of preservation work will not only popularize the art of jianzhi, attract more people to its study and preservation, but most importantly, preserve those intangible cultural values of the people that reflect not only its traditions, customs, culture, way of life, but also its uniqueness and identity. The author concludes that it is possible to preserve traditional art through the use of the methods described by him. He points out the need to develop the jianzhi craft, as it embodies the unique characteristics of the Jinzhou people, their culture, traditions and identity. At the same time, to include paper cutting art in Jinzhou in people's lives, it is necessary to count not only on the help and support of the government, but also on the love and recognition of the people. With the help of public forces and the media so that jianzhi art and the traditional culture it carries can continue to exist and develop.
Subject(s)aesthetics , art , biochemistry , chemistry , china , craft , cultural identity , engineering , gene , government (linguistics) , identity (music) , inheritance (genetic algorithm) , law , linguistics , mechanical engineering , negotiation , philosophy , political science , public relations , social science , sociology , visual arts , work (physics)

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