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Oleh Yermishev
Publication year2020
Publication title
наукові записки. серія біологія
Resource typeJournals
PublisherTernopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University
The concept of functional and ecological expertise (FEE) of radiation control regions fundamentally complements the accepted forms of dosimetric and thyroid dosimetric control. The purpose of our work was to carry out the verification of radiation dependence of functional health and dosimetric certification of settlements in Haisyn district of Vinnytsia region with the help of FEE. 186 children (91 boys, 95 girls) of different age groups living in the villages of Karbivka, Kunka and Stepashky of Haisyn district during 1993-1996 were examined with the help of FVD method by V.G. Makat.s The functional health of сhild population, which is becoming a "bioindicator" of individual health and characterizing the environmental dynamics of the compact living area, is in the focal point of FEE. The ecological criterion of FEE of a particular region of the population is systemically dependent comparison of inhibition of functional activity of the organism (parasympathetic activity (PA), vegetative equilibrium (VE) and sympathetic activity (SA). An integral characteristic of the ecological state is formed on this basis and the levels (zones) of its ecological pressure are determined. The surveyed populated areas of Karbivka village, Kunka village and the village of Stepashky in Haisyn district of Vinnytsia region belong to the IV radiation control zone. Our observations have shown that functional and vegetative health of children is ecologically dependent, and its indicators are the most sensitive bioindicators of radiation (environmental) pollution. Functional vegetative health of children in the surveyed populated areas of Haisyn district coincides with the official dosimetric certification of these areas. Monitoring of vegetative health of children should become the basis of modern functional medical examination of paediatric population and supplement state dosimetric and thyroid dosimetric certification of the populated areas.
Subject(s)archaeology , bioindicator , biology , certification , ecological health , ecology , ecosystem , environmental health , geography , human settlement , law , medicine , political science , population

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