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open-access-imgOpen AccessAssessment Center for selection of university student
Chang-goo Heo
Publication year2011
Publication title
the korean journal of industrial and organizational psychology
Resource typeJournals
PublisherKorean Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
This study were preformed for verifying the applicability of Assessment Center(AC) for selection of university student. First, the results of decision study of generalizability theory(D study) has shown acceptable reliabilities. So, we could think that this AC was designed properly. Second, the enrolled students of the university have said that the competencies rated in this AC were important for performing study and adapting to school. And participants in this AC reported they have felt fairness and they could have done their best. It means that this AC had validity. Third, generalizability study(G study) has shown dimension effect(21.1%) was higher than rator effect(10.2%). And, in the MTMM analysis, it were found both dimension effect and exercise effect. Forth, in relation analysis between AC ratings and the various records of participants, ‘Self-led Study’ related with ‘Records of Language’ positively, ‘Discussion Skill’ related with ‘Public Anxiety’ negatively, ‘Challenge’ related with ‘Extraversion, Self Efficacy, and Record of Award off campus’ positively and with ‘Anxiety to unfamiliar’ negatively, ‘Creativity’ related with ‘Extraversion’ positively, ‘Adapting to Change’ related with ‘Emotional Stability’ positively, and ‘Interpersonal Competencies’ related with ‘Performance Anxiety and Public Anxiety’ negatively. In short, this AC has shown applicability as selection tool for university student. Finally, the implications and limitations were discussed.
Subject(s)anxiety , applied psychology , artificial intelligence , big five personality traits , clinical psychology , computer science , creativity , developmental psychology , extraversion and introversion , fear of negative evaluation , generalizability theory , linguistics , personality , philosophy , psychiatry , psychology , public speaking , selection (genetic algorithm) , social anxiety , social psychology

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