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Alexey Michailovich Filipov
Publication year2017
Publication title
вестник астраханского государственного технического университета. серия: морская техника и технология
Resource typeJournals
PublisherAstrakhan State Technical University
The article deals with small unmanned surface vehicles (USV), which main objective is exploration of seas and oceans as well as use for military purposes. The subject matter of this study is to analyze power sources providing power supply for all USVs power consuming units. There has been offered a review of actual-to-date USVs both of Russian and foreign manufacturing, which autonomous operation can last up to 3 months. The author has analyzed general characteristics of USVs, and paid special attention to the power sources and to consuming energy by the vehicles. Approximate total power obtained from USV electric sources makes 300-1000 W. It should be noted that USV electric power sources are not only accumulators and generators, but solar batteries and wind power generators. To save power USVs use sailing rigging, or apply wave glider’s technology where wave power is harvested to increase mobility of the vehicle. A distinctive feature of some USVs structure is placing solar batteries both on deck and on sales. A significant advantage of this structure is less power consumption at sufficient wind velocity and strengthening USV power system. There are considered not only single-hulled USVs, but also catamaran types (for gaining effective area to place additional solar batteries). Using data of USV structural features analysis, the author has inferred the factors influencing USV’s electric power system design, as well as perspectives of development of new types of unmanned crafts.
Subject(s)computer science , engineering , geology , geometry , marine engineering , mathematics , physics , power (physics) , quantum mechanics , remote sensing , surface (topology) , unmanned surface vehicle

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