Mineral and trace element supply of sheep on grass silage based feeding
Liisa Syrjälä-Qvist
Publication year1981
Publication title
agricultural and food science
Resource typeJournals
Balance trials were made with adult Finnsheep rams to obtain more information on the mineral supply when the animals arc fed on grass silage based diets. The experimental silages were prepared with three different preservatives: 1) AIV I solution (25% formic acid and 20 % hydrochloric acid), 2) formic acid and 3) Viher solution (26 % formic acid and 70 % formalin). Together with the silage the animals received sucrose, starch and cellulose supplements at the levels of 0 %, 15 % or 30 % of the dry matter of the daily rations, representing 0, 2 ½ and 5 g/kg animal liveweight per day. Data were obtained on the Ca, P Mg, K, Na, Fe, Cu, Zn and Mn intake by the animals and on the excretion of these minerals in the faeces and urine. The levels of these minerals in the blood were also determined. The mineral contents of the silage were sufficient for animals fed at the maintenance level, except in the case of Na and P. Suckling ewes and growing lambs on silage based feeding may suffer from a deficiency of Ca as well as Na and P. The silage preservatives did not differ in their effect on the mineral balance. The mineral balances of the animals receiving the various carbohydrate supplements were also fairly similar to those of animals on pure silage diets.
Subject(s)agronomy , biochemistry , biology , chemistry , dry matter , excretion , feces , food science , formic acid , paleontology , preservative , silage , starch , trace mineral , zoology
SCImago Journal Rank0.347

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