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open-access-imgOpen AccessUnusual biological behavior of femoral liposarcoma
M. Stojanovic,
Branislav Goldner,
Spasenija Djukic
Publication year2007
Publication title
srpski arhiv za celokupno lekarstvo
Resource typeJournals
PublisherSerbian Medical Society
Introduction Liposarcoma of a bone is a very rare tumor of the fatty marrow, originating from lipoblasts. Its frequency is 1:1000 of all bone tumors. The long bones and the lower extremities are predominantly affected, equally in males and females between 30 and 70 years of age. In the estimation of its biological behavior, histological graduation (G), the surgical localization of the tumor (T) and the presence or absence of metastases (M), are very important. A tumor with low grade differentiation, with transosseal propagation and metastases, has a poor prognosis. Surgical resection-amputation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are the therapeutic methods of choice. Case outline Twelve years ago, in a 58-year old man, there was a radiologically diagnosed sarcoma in the lower part of the right femur manifested with painful swelling in that region. The high suprapatellar amputation was done. There was a histologically proved liposarcoma of a high grade of malignancy. According to the therapeutic protocol, chemotherapy and radiotherapy were applied. During the period of 12 years, the patient had a relapse on the stump, metastatic dissemination in the soft tissue of small pelvis twice, once in the left scapular region and in the inguinal lymph nodes, six operations and 8-year accumulation of metastatic deposits in the lung. Now, the patient feels relatively well, mobile, and walks 5 kilometres every day. Conclusion Unusual behaviour of the liposarcoma of high grade malignancy with which the patient has been living for 12 years, could be explained by the patient’s strong immunobiological system in the struggle to retain its vitality and mobility
Subject(s)amputation , chemotherapy , femur , liposarcoma , lymph , malignancy , medicine , pathology , pelvis , radiation therapy , radiology , sarcoma , soft tissue , soft tissue sarcoma , surgery
SCImago Journal Rank0.135

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