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open-access-imgOpen AccessEvaluation of the Cytotoxic Activity of Anthriscus nemorosa on Breast Cancer Cells
Haleh Forouhandeh,
Mohammad Zarchini,
Elham Safarzadeh,
Omoleila Molavi,
Parina Asgharian,
Mohammad Saeid Hejazi
Publication year2021
Publication title
journal of contemporary medical sciences
Resource typeJournals
PublisherNab'a Al-Hayat Foundation for Medical Sciences and Health Care - Press
Objective: The present study concerns the cytotoxic activity of A. nemorosa different extracts on breast cancer cells (MCF-7) and normal cell lines (HFFF). Methods: Different extracts of aerial parts of A. nemorosa were prepared using Soxhlet apparatus. The cytotoxicity of samples was assessed by MTT assay on breast cancer cells (MCF-7) and noncancerous cells (HFFF) with different concentrations of extracts in 24 and 48 hours. The most potent extract was fractioned and cytotoxic activity of fractions was considered, As well. A flow cytometry (annexin V/PI) assay has been used for detecting the mechanism of cell death in sample treated cell lines. Moreover, for clarifying volatile components of n-Hexane extract and its 80% and 100% VLC fractions were subjected to GC-MS apparatus. Results: Results indicated that n-Hexane extract and its 80% and 100% VLC fractions exhibited a significant (p<0.001) inhibitory effect on the growth of the MCF-7 cell line compared to the control group. Meanwhile, flow cytometry analysis revealed that potent extract caused cell death through necrosis and 80% and 100% fractions showed different mechanisms (such as autophagy). The major compounds, which maybe were in charge of showing cytotoxic activity were non-terpenoids. Conclusion: This study provides the evidence that in vitro cytotoxic activity of n-Hexane extract and 80% and 100% VLC fractions of A. nemorosa inhibited the proliferation of breast cancer cells (MCF7) via a different mechanism.
Subject(s)annexin , apoptosis , biochemistry , biology , cancer , cancer cell , cell culture , chemistry , cytotoxic t cell , cytotoxicity , flow cytometry , genetics , human breast , in vitro , mcf 7 , medicine , microbiology and biotechnology , mtt assay , terpenoid , traditional medicine

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