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open-access-imgOpen AccessRescue Pet Android Application
Phaniram Phrasad
Publication year2021
Publication title
international journal for research in applied science and engineering technology
Resource typeJournals
PublisherInternational Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology (IJRASET)
ResQ-Pet caring system is comprehensive system for welfare of stray dogs. In present scenario many stray animals do not have shelter and also starve for food. Very frequently some dogs meet with severe road accidents and necessary care to be taken is not known for many, in such cases it is hard to find emergency contact. There is a necessity to control the population of stray dogs because they act as carriers for various contagious diseases like rabies, brucella etc. Pet adoption is an efficient way to reduce stray dog population. This app helps is keeping track of number of dogs rescued and adopted, also displays some necessary actions to be taken during an emergency. This app also provides a payment portal for donation. The entire operations will be under administration of certain organizations that work for the purpose of stray dog welfare.
Subject(s)business , computer science , computer security , environmental health , finance , law , medical emergency , medicine , payment , political science , population , welfare

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