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open-access-imgOpen AccessEvaluation of sanitary waste generated by the care of COVID patients, in the Jipijapa Basic Hospital
Carlos Alberto Litardo Pincay,
Carlos López
Publication year2021
In the current moments in which the world population lives related to the COVID-19 pandemic, a pandemic that has affected all countries worldwide, can only be contained based on the strategies taken by the entire population where hospitals play a fundamental role in mitigation and community transmission. The Jipijapa Basic Hospital is a health institution that has cared for patients infected with this disease. The objective of this research is to find out if the Environmental Risk Management system is complied with in the hospital center, fundamentally-oriented towards compliance with the regulations that regulate the management of sanitary waste in health establishments, in such a way that contamination to personnel is not produced. that works on the site, thereby allowing better environmental conditions to be achieved, mitigating the disease and its transmission mechanisms. For the study, a diagnosis was made on the initial management of sanitary waste, generated in health establishments by the care of COVID-19 patients, in addition to the observation and application of surveys to administrative personnel of the hospital. It was obtained as a result that the workers know and comply with the regulations for the collection of hazardous solid waste within the hospital.
Subject(s)biomedical waste , business , covid-19 , disease , economic growth , economics , electrical engineering , engineering , environmental health , hazardous waste , health care , infectious disease (medical specialty) , medical emergency , medicine , nursing , pandemic , pathology , population , public health , transmission (telecommunications) , waste management

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