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Premium The Plant Availability of Potassium in Fly Ash
Martens D. C.,
Schnappinger M. G.,
Zelazny L. W.
Publication year1970
Publication title
soil science society of america journal
Resource typeJournals
PublisherSoil Science Society of America
Abstract The availability of K in fly ash obtained from nine coal burning power generating plants was evaluated by greenhouse and laboratory procedures. The total K content of the samples of fly ash ranged from 0.65 to 3.14%. Eight of the samples were bituminous coal ashes, and one was lignite coal ash. The samples of bituminous coal fly ash neutralized less than 0.25 meq H 3 O + /g, whereas the sample of lignite coal fly ash neutralized 3.05 meq H 3 O + /g. Application of three samples of the bituminous coal fly ash and the sample of lignite coal fly ash increased K uptake by corn plants ( Zea mays L.) grown on Davidson clay loam. Potassium uptake was higher from application of 158 mg K as KCl to 2,100 g of the soil than from application of a higher rate of K as the four samples of fly ash. Equivalent K uptake by corn plants occurred from application of 79 mg K as KCl and 207 mg K as the lignite fly ash. However, yield was lower where the ash was applied. Tissue analyses indicated that B toxicity limited yield on the latter treatment. Application of certain of the fly ash samples increased Mg uptake by corn plants. This increase in Mg uptake probably caused a decrease in K uptake by plants grown in the fly ash‐soil mixtures.
Subject(s)biology , bituminous coal , chemistry , coal , environmental chemistry , environmental science , fly ash , loam , mineralogy , organic chemistry , potassium , soil science , soil water , zoology
SCImago Journal Rank0.836

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