Premium Development of the Hard Red Winter Wheat Kernel in Relation to Yield, Test Weight, Kernel Weight, Moisture Content and Milling and Baking Quality 1
Scott Gene E.,
Heyne E. G.,
Finney K. F.
Publication year1957
Publication title
agronomy journal
Resource typeJournals
Synopsis Maximum yield, test weight, and kernel weight of hard red winter wheat occurred when the moisture content of the grain was about 40%. Immature seed germinated rapidly but mature seed gave better seedling vigor and storage life. The maximum protein quality was reached at about the same time as maximum yield and test weight.
Subject(s)agronomy , biology , chemistry , combinatorics , engineering , geotechnical engineering , germination , grain yield , horticulture , kernel (algebra) , materials science , mathematics , metallurgy , moisture , organic chemistry , seedling , test weight , water content , winter wheat , yield (engineering)
SCImago Journal Rank0.752

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